VENICE, Calif. — Last night proved to be a landmark in CJ Wright’s young career when he walked away with the New Stud trophy at the 25th annual X-Rated Critics Organization ceremony.

“This really blows my mind,” the shocked star said. “You work and work and sometimes you wonder how many people are really noticing. Obviously more than I had realized!”

An incredibly in-demand performer, CJ limits his scenes to ensure each is of the highest quality. Making his win all that much more incredible, much of his work is done within the BBW genre, something many mainstream critics have little contact with.

“I know much of my work goes unseen by most people,” he said. “Still, I think people recognize my passion when they watch one of my scenes, no matter what the genre is. Things are looking real good right now. Just let me get going. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

CJ has a DVD distribution deal with Justin Slayer. For more information visit