VENICE, Calif. —  Can things get any better for CJ Wright? The reigning XRCO New Stud and the undisputed king of BBW is in high demand as a performer, is recognized as unquestionably the best director in the history of BBW, and the media can’t seem to get enough of the man.

Last week he met with a crew from Ladybirds Films out of France to discuss his love for BBW. As they had their initial meeting in a Los Angeles café, out of nowhere CJ was accosted by random fans who couldn’t stop telling him how wonderful his work is. After the 10-minute interruption, CJ, the director and production crew got down to details.

The next day they spent hours at CJ’s house interviewing him and model Kelly Shibari. “It was really cool,” CJ said. “They wanted to know all about my love for BBWs, where it came from within me. They were very respectful and fascinated by my passion for the genre. I look forward to seeing the end result.”

Representatives from Ladybirds Films said the crew was going around the world exploring people’s kinks, “exploring genres that are interesting but not necessarily widely admired.”

They selected CJ after reading several articles where he discussed his passion for the topic. The documentary is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

One new article that goes deep into his passion was written by veteran adult writer Robin Perez for Sex Herald. In the extensive interview they cover everything from his directing and performing to his personal life.

Something new CJ is working on is his BBW Fight Club. In introducing this feature on his website he has matched up Carla Lane and Star Shine in a three-round bout. In the first round they wear full gear; in the second they wear everything but the shorts; in the final round they go at it completely naked.

To allow fans to get involved, the winner will be selected by fan voting, with the winner going on to fight in the next match.

All of CJ’s upcoming releases with feature a bonus BBW Fight Club scene.

CJ’s interview in the Sex Herald can be read here.

Check out his BBW Fight Club (and much more great material) on his website, To vote for your favorite in the BBW showdown, email Wright directly at