LOS ANGELES — As V.I. Lenin once observed, "Sometimes history needs a push," and that's just what Joanna Angel has been doing throughout her career — pushing the boundaries of pornography by creating unique adult movies laced with a punk ethos and a distinctive (and often irreverent) sense of humor.

Now, porn's punk princess has cast her most popular BurningAngel models in Riot Grrrls, the definitive feminist-anarchist cookbook of girl-on-girl lust. The title draws inspiration from the Riot Grrrl Movement begun in the early 1990s by the Washington State band Bikini Kill and its lead singer, Kathleen Hanna. Hanna's Riot Grrrl Manifesto began with the infamous declaration, "We must take over the means of production in order to create our own moanings."

But don't be expecting these "moanings" to be some dry Marxist-Feminist thesis; covergirls Pixie Pearl and Mandy Morbid are joined by Asphyxia, Allister, Cadence St. John, Jayded, Eden Von Sleaze, Envy Vicious, Nova T.A., Audrey Angel and cult fan favorite Jessie Lee for three hours of explosive pussy-eating, bangouts, intense toy action and much, much more. BurningAngel's last all-girl movie, Girls Girls Girls 2, received a Critic's Choice award from AdultDVDReviews.Com, proving this brand's lasting commitment to quality.

As Joanna says of her company's latest release, "What I particularly like the most about this movie is the cast. When people think girl/girl movie, they usually think about very soft, innocent, girl-next-door type chicks, and this movie is very much the antithesis of that.

"These girls are true punk rock chicks — this is not a recommended movie to watch if you have any interest in seeing the same chicks you're used to seeing in every other movie!"

So get ready for the invasion of BurningAngel's Riot Grrrls. You have nothing to lose but the chains that have kept you watching boring porno!