LOS ANGELES — Ever since the first rhymes flowed out of the parks of the South Bronx, most of rap's major emcees have been African American. Sure there have been a few exceptions: the Beastie Boys crossed over rap's race divide to great acclaim, as did Eminem, who became one of the undisputed masters of the game.

But Slim Shady is slowing down, so BurningAngel and Vouyer Media are pleased to unveil the next great white emcee of the new millennium … Joanna Angel! That's right. With an all-new look featuring corn rows, dope-ass threads and a dubbed-out Escalade, alt porn's sickest shorty is upping her game with some funky rhymes while leading her crew into some of the hottest interracial hook-ups in the hood, all in her quest to get with a true “playa.”

Mr. Marcus is the first to taste her smooth-as-ice freestylin', and he responds by treating her to a game of chess before balling her atop a downtown rooftop. The slammin' breaks continue in “Fuck Me Like a Cat,” which finds fly redhead Misti Dawn going buck wild for hall-of-fame OG Sean Michaels; she wraps her lips and tongue around his throbbing snake before riding it to a frothy finish. Tight Jessie Lee is the next lily-white punk to get bent for black love, and she bangs her boo hard before chugging down his load like a fresh bottle of Cristal. “

There Is A Monster in My Closet and a Robot on My Wall” takes the action to phat little Baby Sinead's crib, where the busty beauty wastes no time in going off the chain with Ethan Hunt. “Not Such a Charm School” finds Joanna trying to talk some wisdom into her trippin' girlfriend Nova T.A. When all else fails, she turns her over to Sean Michaels for some hardcore schooling.

MC Angel wraps this joint up with bonus footage and behind-the-scenes action, breaking it all down with the distinct humor fans have come to expect from the BurningAngel crew. They say hip-hop is about survival; they say it is about economics and class. Does Joanna have what it takes to lead the culture, or will she bleed the culture? Only a look at the hot interracial mayhem in It's Big, It's Black, It's Inside Joanna will reveal the answer. In stores everywhere July 28th, 2009. Own it on DVD. For more information, please visit www.vouyermedia.com.