LOS ANGELES—Pioneering filmmaker, public speaker, adult star and producer Buck Angel has released the second edition of his revolutionary movie series, Sexing the Transman. Angel's second docu-porn production is comprised largely of explicit sex scenes, but also the serves as an educational tool through the inclusion of revealing personal interviews.

Sexing the Transman XXX—Volume 2 also shows a more diverse group of transmen than did the original movie. In addition to solo action, it contains two scenes that feature duos: one with Buck Angel and TS porn star Wendy Williams, and another that brings viewers into the bedroom of a transman and bio-male, a real-life couple who talk about their relationship and how it developed before engaging in a hardcore sexual encounter. These amazing-looking transmen reveal things never before seen on film, including a wild squirting scene from a handsome Latino transman.

“I am so excited to show this level of diversity in transmen and their sexuality for the first time on film," said Angel of the project. "I feel so happy to be able to turn people on and to share a newer side of the trans adult world at the same time.”

A mainstream version of Sexing the Transman has premiered all over the world alongside the best contemporary LGBT films. Angel has developed a unique concept that is able to educate about sexuality while reaching audiences that might not ordinarily watch adult entertainment.

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