LOS ANGELES, CA — Brittany St Jordan has always been a photo geek, but it was in 2004, while serving on active duty in the Marines, that she started taking it seriously. This was before social networking and she had her own cross dressing web site for which she was producing photos. Without being able to use traditional photo studios for the images she needed, St. Jordan sat down and learned how to create her own. 

Since that time, St. Jordan has learned some good lessons from her early mistakes and has evolved her craft to the level her fans see today. St Jordan now has the ability to create art with each click of the shutter, as she continues to refine and improve her abilities as a professional photographer. Although she is new to the adult industry as a photographer, she has had eight years of hard knocks and experience. Mix this in with her modeling experience and this gives her a unique perspective on knowing how to get the shots that count.

Some of St. Jordan’s recent work includes shooting with industry veteran Michael Kahn for a new transsexual web site still in development, doing both product and model shots for BDSM furniture and toy designers Sex and Metal, and producing content for several models with solo sites in both the straight and TS markets. Her most recent accomplishment was shooting for Nica Noelle and Girl Candy Films, which was the one gig St. Jordan had dreamed of ever since working with Noelle as a model for her Transromantic series. Right now, St. Jordan has several promising projects lined up in the near future, so she wants her fans and fellow adult industry professionals to get ready to be seeing a lot of her photography.

As of this past February, St. Jordan began working with DSLR video production. She is now shooting both photos and video for her own site as well as a few other solo models. Her next step in the progression as a producer is to continue improving on her abilities as a videographer and editor so that, when coupled with her abilities as a photographer, she will be a sought-after producer with the ability to create any project that someone presents to her.

Check out some of Brittany St. Jordan’s photography.

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