VENICE, Calif.—Ginger Lynn is doing another episode of The Crack tonight, featuring comedians and porn stars, and Britney Amber will be joining in, too. Britney is the favorite to win the co-hosting gig on Lynn’s Blame It On Ginger show, and her appearance on this week’s The Crack is a good sign.

“Ginger and I have really good chemistry on the air,” Britney said. “It’s no secret that I’d love to get the co-hosting job and I see every appearance on her shows as an opportunity to show my stuff. It’s all about doing a great show, and as long as I can help create an amazing listening experience, I’m doing my part.”

Britney has several new movies available, including Captain America XXX (Vivid); Licking Pink (Pornstar Empire); Two Horny Hotties One Lucky Gent (Porno Dan Presents); Cuckold Diaries 7 (White Ghetto Films) and Fucking Filthy Bitches (Pounding Pink).

She also has a new interview on Mens Mag Daily with Jon DaBove. He says that Britney is “quick to tell you her likes and dislikes and stays away from answering questions in a stereotypical porn star fashion. In other words, she doesn’t go out of her way to be bubbly and it’s endearing because she’s being herself. Britney is the type of girl that you could have a normal conversation with, a conversation that includes sarcasm and wit.”

Britney told DaBove, “I’m so spoiled. I get to travel. I get so many days off. There are so many pluses to this job. Plus, it kind of motivates me to stay in shape and look pretty. The modeling is fun. You can do magazines, box covers, feature dancing. There are so many good things about this job. There’s nothing else like it.”

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