HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—In the UK adult entertainment market, Katie K made an unforgettable impact in 2011. After three years in the industry, the Blackpool-born beauty has fully come into her own. From making a show stopping appearance at the 2011 SHAFTA Awards to her high-profile magazine coverage in the likes of Australia's The Picture and Razzle, to her dominating the red carpet of Loaded magazine's annual party, Katie K has been on a media rampage.

2011 also saw Katie launch her member's website and affiliate program which led to recent XBIZ Award nominations. Recognizing her accomplishments across the last year, GTXXXtreme has anointed Katie their first ever Starlet of the Year.

"I was shocked when I found out about this," said Katie. "It really is an honor. I worked tremendously hard and it's things like being named GTXXX's Starlet of the Year that let me know it's paying off. I truly thank Toney and everyone over there."

Created by Toney Tapia in June 2009, GTXXXtreme has gained popularity for its interviews, reviews and event coverage. More information about GTXXXtreme and the Starlet of the Year title can be found on the GTXXXtreme.com blog.  

After a thrilling 2011, Katie has major projects coming to fruition in 2012, including a visit to the U.S. for the first time in several years. If fans thought Katie rocked 2011, they are in for a surprise when the blond beauty invades Los Angeles later this year. A return to the States is only the beginning for Katie K.

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