VENICE, Calif.—You can share an Orgasm with Brandy Aniston this week and learn a few things about her and maybe a few things about yourself, too.

The folks who interviewed her at go over a lot of Brandy’s career and new scenes, and Brandy talks about how Jessica Drake has been something a mentor to her. When writer Dave Kingsley asked her what advice she might have for someone just getting started in the industry, she replied, “I try to do my best to help with some of the newer girls that I think have potential to last longer in the industry. There’s a really small pool of people that last over their first six months in porn. It’s very difficult as a young girl to get in the business and actually be anything. For me, I got in the business thinking that it was just all going to be handed to me and because, you know, you’re a pretty girl, you get the attention, and that’s not the truth at all.”

To find out what the truth is and read the complete Orgasm interview with Brandy, click here.

But if you’re looking for hardcore Brandy, watch for a new Penthouse scene directed by Erica McLean, and there’s also another Penthouse scene available this week. Brandy is also making her triumphant return to Hustler Video this week, working in a gonzo production for Axel Braun, who also directed her in Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody.

Also, why not check out the trailer for Breaking Bad XXX, in which the buxom actress starred, here.