VENICE, CA — It’s been a big year for Brandy Aniston and it's only getting bigger since she is shooting in Paul Thomas’ remake of Behind the Green Door next week. She’ll be playing the classic role of a hooker.

Last month she took on the role of Jesse in the Breaking Bad XXX parody, which was directed by David Lord and Rodney Moore. Which Jesse will we get? The drugged-out party hearty meth cook? The wannabe family man? The killer? The quitter? Only she, Lord, Moore and everyone who worked on set and everyone they told about it know for sure.

“This was my comeback star role from Rodney's feature last year where I played Wednesday Addams in the The Addams Family XXX," Aniston said.

She also recently shot for Robby D at Digital Playground for Stoya’s My Haunted House

Aniston is represented by Lee Network and A-List Features. She is represented by Derek at LA Direct Models.