GREENVILLE, NC—Adult star Brandi Love, who has just come off her most productive year earning multiple nominations, will be speaking to undergrad as well as graduate students in the East Carolina University Department of Sociology on March 19, 2013.

Love will talk about the relevancy of alternative relationships and her position that in many cases, traditional marriage simply doesn't work.

“I salute the Department of Sociology at East Carolina University for having me back for the third time to discuss the relevancy of alternative relationships," Love stated. "It shows respect for the position that loving relationships can exist outside the puritanical and monogamous confines we are often forced into. People can say what they like about my website, my chosen profession, et cetera, but it's hard to argue with a happily married woman of 18 years when it comes to relationships."

"Whether you are in a gay, lesbian, open marriage or otherwise, this discussion shows we are finally taking a step forward," Love added.

Professor of Sociology Dr. David Knox said, "Brandi is an outstanding speaker, organized and engaging. She has spoken for two years to my human sexuality class on swinging/adult lifestyles and holds the room spellbound."

For further information please email Chris Michaels or phone 919-749-0624919-749-0624.

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