VENICE, Calif. — If you thought winning the Model of the Year contest would mellow Alia Janine, you don’t know her. She doesn’t mellow easily, especially when there is something she’s passionate about at stake.

Alia is against Measure B on the California ballot, that little gem that the people will be voting for or against en masse come election day that will decide whether or not performers are legally required to use condoms in the porn industry. Alia is ready to titty-smack anyone who votes for mandatory condom usage in the heavily-tested industry, and not in the hot and sexy way she’s capable.

She and Katie Summers are even going door to door passing out Vote No on Measure B lawn signs and flyers. So if the bell rings and you answer it and you have a hot porn star at your door, don’t get confused because you didn’t order a pizza. This is about politics.

She’s doing all the press she can to get the word out. She’s tweeting her ass off, making phone calls, talking to waitresses and stopping people at Trader Joe’s. She’s also making PSAs and working on a college media tour. If she thinks of anything else, she’ll do it. Watch her Twitter; there will be more and it will be coming soon.

If you’re just looking for filth, you will definitely want to check out Elegant Angel’s new A MILF Tale 3, which features Alia opening her backdoor and not to let the dog in. Not in the PG sense, anyway.

To see a video of Janine taking a stance on Measure B visit here.

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