VAN NUYS, Calif.—Tom Byron Pictures and director Ivan have released Big Boob Film School Dropouts on DVD today. As an avid film connoisseur and an independent filmmaker, Ivan has developed a comedic and sexy parody of what happens when students drop out of film school.

“If you want attention, then big boobs only help and independent films attest to that,” Ivan said. “If Natasha Nice came up to me with an independent film her and her friends made I would definitely check it out. This movie could win the Academy Award for Best Boobs!” 

Big Boob Film School Dropouts stars busty babes Natasha Nice, Nika Noir, Katie Kox, Nikki Sexx and Alexia Rae.

When Natasha realizes Hollywood’s Official School of Film (get it? HOS of Film) is a joke she goes rogue and starts her own independent film. With an award winning script in hand Natasha hires a crew of not-so-skilled girls. As the crew gets side tracked Natasha believes they are fooling around on set. While hidden cameras are rolling the gaffer Katie Kox puts on a shocking performance, Alexia Rae invades the editors bay, Nikki Sexx performs a unique mic test, and Nika Noir practices her sex scene. The only thing missing is a star, so Natasha makes her debut!

“Ivan is a great filmmaker whether it is adult or mainstream content, and this movie helps combine the two,” Tom Byron said. “Big boobs definitely help production as well, so this cast is perfect.”

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