LOS ANGELES—The much-anticipated opening of Ryder Skye’s ass for business had its ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend just before Keiran Lee went to town with his famous 10-inches for a scene produced for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site.

It's safe to say that Ryder went in with a little trepidation. Okay, she was downright scared; and yet she pulled it off like a champ.

“There was plenty of time to get ready to take 10 scary inches of actual cock,” she said of the two month's notice she was given before the actual performance. “But have never been big on gradual, long term preparation. I’m pretty sure I can blame my lack of preparation on a combination of fear and denial.”

She was 30 minutes late for her call time because she couldn’t figure out how to work the enema, but quickly got up to speed and, thanks to Keiran’s help and her years of professional experience, had a day more fantastic than she had ever imagined.

“When it finally came down to it, all I can really say was that Keiran was amazing with me,” Ryder said. “He was a total pro, made me feel totally comfortable in what I anticipated to be a terrifying situation. So before I knew it he was slamming 10 inches of cock into my ass, no problem, I had a great day, and I am really glad Keiran popped my anal cherry.”

Recent Ryder releases include She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney (Lethal Hardcore) and MILFs Love It Harder #4 (North Pole).

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