VENICE, Calif.—It’s easy to get lost in the beauty and dazzling personality of Bethany St. James. Stunning and intelligent, she’s so easy on the eyes and ears that some fans just sit by wide-eyed and droopy-eared, happy to be in her presence even if it’s just to hear her voice and look at her stunning visage.

But those who have been listening closely are hearing an intelligent woman establishing the discourse for what are some hot button issues even for an industry that is used to being under the magnifying glass. Probably the most surprising and controversial for fans has been her strong pro-condom standpoint, a rarity among entertainers in the adult industry.

“Honestly I expected more negative reactions, but so far people have been very supportive,” Bethany said. “We’ve all heard that fans don’t want to see sex with condoms on, but I’m getting a ton of emails asking to pre-order my first movie, so it seems everyone is doing just fine with it. Not to mention, my clients at the Ranch just adore my sexy way of putting them on. I’ve never had one client complain about having to use one after that!”

While she’s currently busy working at Sheri's Resort & Legal Brothel, where she’ll be appearing through July 12, Bethany has had plenty of time to speak with the media. Among her recently-posted interviews is a two-parter from MansNightOutNews and ROK’s World on the Rhyme and Reason show on The Beat, 92.7/99.3 FM in Phoenix. L

The MansNightOut interview can be found here.   

The ROK’s World interview can be found here.

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