VENICE, Calif.—For Bluebird Films owner Paul Chaplin, it was an especially sweet moment at the 2011 AVN Awards to be honored as Best Director Foreign Feature for the second year in a row.

In the midst of celebrating the multiple accolades garnered by the Best Parody-Drama for Batfxxx, Chaplin was thrilled to see Bluebird’s Alice: A Fairy Love Tale take the award for Best Foreign Feature, and his recognition as Best Director-Foreign Feature for Department S, Mission 1: City of Broken Angels brought the unique honor of being the only back-to-back winner in the history of the award.

There is no doubt that Chaplin is truly one of a kind.  “This is an extraordinary honor,” he said. “And the distinction of the successive wins keeps true to our motto: If You’ve Seen It Before You’re Not Watching Bluebird. Once again, we’re proving to be a leader in this industry, not just in America, but on a global level.  Reaping a total of eight AVN Award wins this year further establishes Bluebird Films as a force to be reckoned with, and a company with the drive and talent to distinguish itself through achievements on every level. This is just the beginning. 

Bluebird releases two titles every week, but it’s not just about quantity; we’ve proven that the quality of our product can not only compete with, but surpass the competition and we plan to give our fans even more this coming year.  

Bluebird Films sales and product information is available from Drew Dixon, VP of Sales,  at (818) 780-3866,