LOS ANGELES, CA — Ava Devine gave a candid interview to mainstream website MensMagDaily.com, where the cougar star admitted to utilizing dating sites to seek out men and women to have sex with. 

“Right now, believe it or not, I’m on a dating site,” says Devine. “I travel so much, it’s hard for me to meet a guy or a girl… so I’m giving the dating sites a try. I’m contemplating getting on a site for women too, to meet women. I’d like to find myself a little butch chick!” 

Devine also admitted to hooking up with random guys offline as well.

“The majority of the time, a fan will talk to me and I’ll just fuck him,” she says. “I just met a dude at Jamba Juice and we exchanged numbers. I texted him a while later and told him I wanted to fuck him. It’s cool, because they already know what I’m about. It’s not a guessing game. I don’t have to be all politically correct.”