LOS ANGELES, CA — When an adult performer has done it all, what’s left to do? For the multi-talented and award-winning Aurora Snow, the answer is: talk about sex.

Having acted in both contract and free-range capacities, as well as directed, and written videos, toured as a feature dancer, modeled for nearly every adult publication to be found and even crossed over to mainstream films, Snow has decided to kick back and talk on the phone for a while.

Snow has launched her own phone chat service to allow fans to call directly for more personal access. 

"I have always enjoyed a great relationship with my fans," says Sow. "Over the years I have sought opportunities to get closer to them. I love the interaction offered by social media, but wanted to take it to the next level. The phone is really the ideal medium to get in touch with my fans and give them a very personal experience."

Aurora's phone chat service is made possible by My Phone Site. The pay-per-minute phone site generator allows adult talent to easily create their own websites where they can also sell digital and tangible products.

Aurora knows what it is like to be disappointed in web site design and functionality. "I have been let down by people running web sites for me in the past." She says, "What I find so cool about this technology is how user-friendly and easy it is. I can log in and out of the system from my Smartphone and set up chats anywhere at any time."

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