MILLSTONE TWP., NJ—"The long awaited DVD debut of Ray Hoersch’s X-rated underground comedy The Erotic Memoirs Of A Male Chauvinist Pig is finally upon us," says Distribpix honcho Steve Morowitz—and it's got to be one of the weirder Golden Age offerings to be made available in recent years.

Described as "part art film and part psychotic sex-comedy," not to mention, "a seriously accurate example of a hard-core adult feature, that pushes the boundaries of taboo, with urination, bondage, rape and bloody copulation*," Pig features the talents of well-known Golden Age stars Georgina Spelvin, Tina Russell, Darby Lloyd Rains and Helen Madigan, and includes a rarity that classic fans always enjoy: the one-and-only performance of an actress. In this case, the lady in question is one Amy Hunter, about whom no further information appears to exist.

But the film, directed by John Butterworth—also his only XXX credit—and featuring Paul Taylor, another veteran of exactly two adult movies—the other one a gay title—as the male lead, the disc, which hits stores on Tuesday, March 5, features a new HD transfer from 35mm film, and its extras include the film's original theatrical trailer, an exclusive interview with Georgina Spelvin, a bonus short film titled Box Ball, a booklet filled with liner notes (always a class act from Distribpix) and a collectable postcard.

What's more, this film was never released on videotape, so the DVD release is the first time this movie has been available to the general public since it was shown in theaters in 1973.

Pictured: The DVD package and the original movie poster for The Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig

* John Lyons, a Senior Member of, notes, "Sorry to disappoint. The urine was some kind of soda mixture—Georgina Spelvin discusses it in her interview on the disc—and the rest are, well, pretty obviously not real."