HOLLYWOOD—Fans of award-winning adult actress Tanya Tate can now bring the beautiful blonde home with them in the form of a calendar. Tanya, who has ties to the superhero and costume play ("cosplay") genres via her ultra-popular JustaLottaTanya.com website, has been chosen to take part in the Panels on Pages' Fan Girl of the Month 2012 calendar. The calendar pays homage to Saturday morning cartoons and uses that theme throughout the monthly images.

The art used in Tanya's month was inspired by the cosplay queen's fondness for the work of Sid & Marty Krofft. Earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con, Tanya dressed in a costume that was her custom version of the classic '70s television character Electrawoman. The blond beauty received an incredible amount of media attention at the annual event and was featured on sites like FHM.com and Playboy's TheSmokingJacket.com.

"The calendar is simply brilliant," said Tanya, the only adult actress to be featured in the calendar. "Looking at the art by Chris Ehnot, it's fun, it has all the exciting elements of the show, and really evokes the feeling you would get watching a Krofft show, albeit with a sexy twist. I'm truly honored to be part of this project."

The image sees Tanya, half-dressed in her superhero costume, on the run from "hat people," a magical golden flute and a familiar-looking dragon who have all fallen in love with her. The fun, cheeky throwback to '70s classic television is easily one of the calendar's highlights. Fittingly, Tanya's month is February, since the Liverpool-born beauty is an ideal choice for a Valentine.

The PanelsOnPages.com Fan Girl of the Month 2012 calendar is available for pre-order now via the Panels On Pages website

This is not the first time Tanya has been recognized in the geek/fandom realm. Tanya has attained several titles based around her cosplay and comic book convention exploits including Comic Impact's April Cosplay Girl of the Month; Critiques 4 Geeks' June Geek Babe of the Month; and Comics Ninja's August Cosplay Babe of the Month.

Tanya has found incredible success with her superhero, comics and geekdom blog, JustaLottaTanya.com. The site, which was created solely as a place to post her comicon adventures, snowballed into a phenomenal success that now sees thousands of readers. Justa Lotta Tanya has expanded to cover reviews and genre news, solidifying Tanya's geek cred.

Add Tanya Tate to your walls with the Fan Girl of the Month calendar! It's available for pre-order now from PanelsOnPages.com! For more Tanya Tate, please visit the Tanya Tate network. To interview Tanya Tate for your website or publication, please email or phone Alexander (Monstar) Raymond at 818.730.7254.