LOS ANGELES—In a cluttered but clean studio in Southern California, adult film history is made on a regular basis. Today, it's a meeting of two major adult stars: Amber Lynn and Manuel Ferrara.

They're here to shoot a scene for Brazzers. The script has Amber coming to Manuel's studio for a few lessons in photography; however, she's more interested in the length of his dick than the focal length of his lens.

Lynn, wearing a translucent dress, talks with a reporter. "This is the second scene in my series with Brazzers," she tells him.

"Manuel is a photographer and I'm coming to take photography lessons from him. I'm going through a divorce and I'm bored with my life and I'm looking for something new."

Manuel says, "Today I'm doing a scene with Amber and the director is Just Dave. She comes in [as my intern] and it turns out we have sex! What a big plot twist!"

Who would have thought! Well, it IS porn….

"That looks like real fruit in that bowl you have there," the reporter says to Just Dave.

"We only have the best on Brazzers sets," Just Dave jokes. "REAL fruit."

The scene may open around a bowl of fruit sitting on a stool in front of a backdrop, but it doesn't take long for legendary performer Amber Lynn to become the centerpiece. Amber plays a bored divorcee wearing an almost see-through dress. She looks phenomenal as Manuel's muse.

Inspired by Amber's raw sexuality, the shoot turns from fruit to some meat-and-potatoes sex. When Amber pull off her dress, Manuel breaks character and exclaims at her toned and tanned body. Dave agrees: "Isn't she awesome?"

Manuel, turned on by Amber, now becomes the aggressor and makes her melt with his sexy French accent. And just when you thought the intensity couldn't get hotter, Amber looks up at Manuel and says, "Is that all you've got in you for me today, Manuel?"

As Amber puts it, "That's when all sexual hell breaks loose."

At the end of the scene Manuel says, "Next time I'd like to see what you can do with the fruit!"

With her famous Amber Lynn intensity, she claims that Manuel is the very best she worked with to date. She also comments on how much she enjoyed working with Just Dave behind the camera.

Amber Lynn fans now have another amazing scene coming their way from Brazzers, which will showcase the star's big full boobs and longer blonde hair. Look for the scene soon on Brazzers.com.

Amber Lynn's new website, AmberLynnXXX.com, will be online soon. Her Twitter feed is here.