VENICE, Calif.—Everyone loves a good contest and if you’d prefer one that features hot chicks rather than cookie-cutter politicians, BlogOPorno is giving you the opportunity to vote on your Model of the Year—and Alia Janine is a candidate we can all get behind.

Tall (almost 6 feet), busty (34F), smart (degree in criminal justice) and sassy, she is not one to take your support lightly. She was the site’s Miss February and now she’s in a hot race for the 2012 Model of the Year. At the time of this release she was in the lead with more than 30 percent of the vote, but we all know can’t-lose elections have been lost through the years, and while we don’t expect this one to go to the Supreme Court (though if it does, her criminal justice degree will give her an advantage!), this is no time to sit back and figure your girl is going to win. After all, the only effort you need to put in is clicking here and hitting a button. No money, no questions, no birth certificates or voter registration laws. Just push the button and go on your way, thoughts of Alia dancing in your mind. And you can vote as many times as you want, so if you’re on hold with the telephone company or having a mindless phone call with the boss, just sit and click. It’s fun!

This week Alia will be taping a radio show along with adult biz attorney Michael Fattorosi for in New Zealand. The subject will be condoms in porn as well as the current STI crisis. The show is called Naked Lunch and Alia’s wit and wisdom are sure to be a delicious portion of the conversation. The show is expected to air Monday, September 10.

Looking ahead, September 17 is the release date for Combat Zone’s Mommy, Me, and the Gangster 2. Find out if Alia is mommy, me or the gangster—or maybe all three. She can do it all.

Fans can find her "Legendary Rock" interview here.

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