VAN NUYS, CA — Many a young lady has discovered that babysitting is hard work – and Tom Byron Pictures and director Ivan have brought that literally to life in Adventures in Babysitting. Set to release on July 21st, its hard trailer is now online and ready to schedule some sitting.

This trailer is a follow-up to the safe for work trailer released previously, and shows the dirtier side of teen babysitters Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews, Dani Daniels, Tegan Summers, Lily Carter and Rylie Richman. 

“The safe for work trailer was the initial set up, but this hardcore trailer shows you how horny babysitters get down,” says Ivan. “After the anticipation mounts from the girls' sexy texts, fans get a glimpse of the hot results. These is an obvious reason sexting is so’s so damn seductive.”

"The soft and hardcore trailers are great marketing and sales tools, which introduce our product to our clients and customers.  The trailers for 'Adventures in Babysitting' showcase the widespread demographic we are targeting with this film, including all sex, teen, voyeur and babysitter fetishes,” says Adam Hasner, VP of Tom Byron Pictures. “We are currently taking pre-orders for this release to be shipped on July 21st." 

Adventures In Babysitting follows Allie and her gossipy, babysitter friends Jessie, Dani, Tegan, Lily and Rylie as they text their way into sexy situations.  They may be young, but they are wise beyond their years cracking codes like OMG, LMFAO, TDTM, WAFB, and IMEZRU through text messages...all while helping each other seduce their employers!  

Toney of com states, “I gotta say the softcore trailer is absolutely enticing.  The tease…OMG!  However, the hardcore version has 5 hot, young and naked girls…TRIPLE OMG!  By the looks of both these trailers, ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ is gonna showcase why Tom Byron Pictures & IVAN are hot at filmmaking!  This film is gonna be totally delicious!”

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