HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Hot on the heels of launching her superhero cosplay site, JustaLottaTanya.com, adult entertainment star Tanya Tate is showcased as ComicImpact.com’s Cosplay Girl of the Month.

Comic Impact features news, reviews, editorials, interviews, podcasts and more, focused on the comic book and geek fandom. Tate has repeatedly shown her devotion to the genre by dressing up as the recognizable characters from the popular medium.

“When I was told I was going to be the Cosplay Girl of the Month for April, I was floored.” Tate explained. “I never thought I would receive so much exposure from something I do as a hobby. It’s all extremely exciting. I’m quite thrilled and very appreciative of Comic Impact.”

"It is great to have such a star like Tanya Tate to have join the ComicImpact.com family of Cosplay Girl of the Month,” said Simon, one of the founders of Comic Impact. “Trust me, she know her comics better then you think."

The Comic Impact feature also includes an interview with Tate. The blonde beauty offers a side of herself not often seen as she reveals her favorite superheroes, her comic convention experiences and more. It’s Tanya Tate in a uniquely different perspective.

Fans who attend the upcoming Wizard convention in Anaheim on April 29 will be treated to an appearance by Tate. Will she again appear as a Marvel Comics character or suit up as a DC Comics icon? Tanya will unveil her costume on the JustaLottaTanya.com site. There, she also has a list of conventions she plans to partake in, as well as video blogs on the genre.