LOS ANGELES—Three of the biggest stars in adult once again team up and take center stage at Club Risque in Philadelphia, Pa. Friday and Saturday in Bristol, Pa.

With more than half a dozen visits in two years for the Divas, fans in Philly can’t seem to get enough of the trio as each gig has been more successful than the last.

“We really love Philly, and we love Club Risque. We hear a rogue group of Philly fans are trying to put statues of us, the Divas of Deviance, in front of the Spectrum,” Presley jokes. “I can see us jogging down the streets of Philly in bikinis with hordes of fans running after us as we run up those famous stairs. Move over Rocky, Philadelphia belongs to Deviance!”

The Divas of Deviance take stage Friday night at Club Risque Philadelphia located at 1700 S. Columbus Boulevard. Saturday night, the Divas perform at Club Risque Bristol located at 3025 New Rodgers Road.

The Divas of Deviance are booked exclusively through Dave Michaels at A-List Features. For more information on the Divas, visit AListFeatures.com, or email Michaels at dave@alistfeatures.com.