LOS ANGELES—Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the only one Cheating With The Maid—Lee Roy Myers and Goodnight Media are too.

Multi-award-winning producer Myers and Goodnight Media present a series of husband/maid fantasies that will make the next pol think twice the next time their maid bends over while dusting with the June 21 release of Cheating With The Maid from Adult Source Media.

Major scandals involving powerful men and the maids they desire have been blowing up mainstream news. Whether it’s a famous celebrity, a political bigwig or just some guy sitting around the house eye-fucking the maid while his wife is out shopping, these horny, hard-working temptresses seem to be every man’s fantasy. Hell, even Congressman Anthony Weiner has been known to text his maid.

Cheating With The Maid features a flock of sexy seductresses who clean clocks and then clean your cock. Every man at least one time in his life has been lured by the charm of a sexy woman wearing a tiny maidservant uniform. These sometimes “intriguing situations” usually lead a man to jerking off in the shower versus cheating on his missus. However, every once in a while a situation presents itself where a man can’t help but take advantage of his good fortune and so he decides to live out his fantasy by fucking the help. 

Directed by Paul Woodcrest, Cheating With The Maid stars Victoria Lawson, Kaci Starr, Kayme Kai, Lana Violet, Lexa James.

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