NEW YORK—The swing movement might be synonymous with recreational sex and open experimentation, but for lifestyle brand this highly sensualized way of life is more than just hookups and getting off.

“Many of our members are looking for ways to further enhance their already exciting way of life,” explains Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman, content manager and editor of the iVoyeur e-zine. “They are interested in all of the facets of fine living, which is way more than just sex, and I wanted the editorial content to reflect their discerning tastes.”

Featuring topics from sex and dating, music and culture, fashion, food and wine, sexual health, and swing-related informational articles, the iVoyeur e-zine functions as a way to educate and stimulate.

In an effort to inform the community, iVoyeur also enlisted the writing skills and first-hand expertise of adult film legend and sex educator Nina Hartley, who wrote a comprehensive 12-article series about the lifestyle. Hartley also created three exclusive videos for iVoyeur that break down some of the terminology and different levels of sexual engagement found in swing culture. Check out one of Nina’s videos on the iVoyeur-branded YouTube channel (

Available exclusively to iVoyeur members, the Voyeur-zine features the work of high-profile lifestyle blogger Rebecca Ammon, adult film star and powerhouse Joanna Angel, as well as many top culture journalists and up-and-coming blog stars.

“Our intention for the magazine was to find a way to educate our community while providing poignant articles that are more than swinging and sex,” added Nic Michel, the iVoyeur director of member relations. “The lifestyle is just that—a way of life and an all-encompassing experience. Our brand and editorial are an extension of that.”