WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—Prepare yourselves for naughty space crustaceans, naked robots, a sexy Cyclops and the most luscious live-action cartoon characters in the universe.

WoodRocket.com is bringing back sci-fi sexy with the adult parody of the popular television series, Futurama, entitled F**karama.

Created by the team behind the porn parody of The Simpsons, F**karama is an all-female, quite often naked, live-action cosplay photo shoot that both spoofs and pays homage to the beloved cult classic cartoon. And it is now available to view for free on WoodRocket.com.

Photographed by Chad Duerksen (Weird & Naked UHF, The Royal Tenendongs), F**karama features models Vuko, Lily Bergman and Jessica Dawn portraying sexy parodies of some of your favorite Futurama characters like Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Professor Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan, and even the sexiest red and crab-like alien from Decapod 10, Zoidberg.

Check out F**karama for free at woodrocket.com.