HIGHSTOWN, NJ—Wicked Pictures has turned to Adult Drop Shop as its e-commerce technology and fulfillment partner. Offering an array of unique controls and features, the web hosting and development service from Adult Drop Shipper was the obvious choice for Wicked. 

The all new wickedstore.com went live earlier this month and has already seen tremendous traffic. The transition was 100 percent seamless for existing Wicked customers, who will now be treated to features such as Deals of the Day, customized wish lists and consumer reviews. Additionally, visitors to the site have access to Wicked Pictures’ entire DVD catalog as well as videos and novelties from all of the industry’s top providers.

Adding to their prominence as a video producer, Wicked launched the Wicked Sensual Care line of lubes and personal care products. As such, partnering with a web provider equally familiar with selling both video and pleasure products was essential. Adult Drop Shop is backed by the experience and power of IVD and ECN, no strangers to delivering the full range of goods. 

“We were confident in ADS because of its flexibility, IVD-powered fulfillment and logistics, and mostly because of the team at ADS who have been great getting the new store set up with some very specific requirements just for us,” explained Wicked CTO Avi Bitton.

Adult Drop Shipper Director Jamie Horne commented, “The Wicked name says it all. We’re all very proud to have them on our platform.  From user experience to order fulfillment, we’re more than prepared to deliver the kind of service that Wicked customers have come to expect.”

Adult Drop Shop is a development and hosting service from Adult Drop Shipper.  For more information, visit here, email info@adultdropshop.com or call Jamie Horne at (800) 999-2483 x1552.