Adult MILF star and Booble Girl of the Year Vicky Vette of Vicky at Home  is celebrating the inauguration of a new president with a special members-only live 'No More Bush' cam show event where she plans on shaving off her "bush."

"People around the world kept on saying 'no more bush!' every time I listened to the radio or television and it got me thinking about mine.  So, since people want 'no more bush'... and in the spirit of 'change,' I am shaving my off bush, and doing it live," she said.

"The inauguration of our new President is a worldwide celebration that bush is no longer in vogue — so I am inviting people from around the world to celebrate with a 'No More Bush — Shaving for Change' cam show event," she added. "Christy Canyon gave me the inspiration for the show when I was listening to her on the radio — so I am just doing my little bit of symbolism for the nation."

"In the spirit on bipartisanship I invite Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and people around the world to join me in this symbolic event by 'Shaving for Change'!  Maybe the rush on shavers around the world will help jump-start the economy — everyone knows it is easier to get a job with a clean shaven look."

To watch the show, sign up through Vicky at Home, or  

The live event airs Wednesday, January 21, at 7 p.m. EST — Midnight GMT.