VENICE, Calif.—Venus Lux will kick off a new kind of cam show today that is threatening to change the very nature of cam shows. Today at noon Venus’ first “model recruitment BTS cam show" will feature the TS superstar working with amateur models—and showing it all live on cam.

“I will be featuring gonzo/POV with amateur models,” Venus said. “I’ll conduct a quick interview with the models, playing with them to test if they are capable of doing porn. However it plays out I think it will be really interesting and fun.”

Fans will be right there with Venus, unsure of how things will play out with the models, able to be a part of the emotions that are so deep in every part of the process of the adult business.

This weekend Venus will be shooting her first gangbang for her website,, and DVD line. It will be called Venus Lux: Fantasies.

Venus has also returned to writing her AIP Daily column where she is answering readers’ questions. This week a person with a male-to-female transitional lover wrote in question whether he is gay or straight.

“Many partners of MTFs question themselves and become concerned when it comes to putting a label on their role and identity in a relationship because they are trying to fit the definition of what current society creates for sexual partnerships and identities,” Venus added. “I would not begin to define you for you. In any aspect of your life, not just this one, don’t label yourself to death.”

Venus goes on to give a thoughtful answer to a question not everyone could tackle. Check out the latest column here.

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