APPLANDAdultAppMart has announced the uploading of two new high-quality apps the company believes will be very popular with its members. The apps are called DoMeFaster, featuring Kortney Kane, and Schoolgirl Run.

The Kane app is one that is intended to test particular skills. “With DoMeFaster with Kortney Kane,” says the company release, “you get to test your skills on a superhot porn star! This interactive app shows a video of Kortney Kane getting naked and then a close up of her vagina for you to rub however you want to get her off. The app keeps time for you so you can try to beat your own record and you get to hear Kortney moan with pleasure.”

But that’s not all. “One of the best parts of the app is that you actually get to customize it by uploading pictures and a recording your own partner’s audio so you can get them off, too. The app lets you save multiple profiles. Do you have a man with an Android? If so, this could be a perfect present for him after you upload your own image to the main screen, record your moaning and a picture of your own vagina. You can find DoMeFaster with Kortney Kane in the app store for $2.99 or just click here.”

The other new app, Schoolgirl Run, involves chasing hot girls through fire. “Schoolgirl Run is a lot like a hugely popular game with a similar name but even better,” says the company. “In Schoolgirl Run your character is a sexy girl with little to no clothes on—depending on your chosen difficulty level. She is getting chased by a fire breathing dragon and your job is to make sure she gets away from the dragon as well as other obstacles and keeps running for her life. You control her movement by swiping or tapping the screen. Help save this hot girl and download it today!”

There are two versions of Schoolgirl Run, a free version or a full version that has all the levels already unlocked and no advertisements. Schoolgirl Run Full is available in AdultAppMart for $1.99 by clicking here. The free version is available here.