CYBERSPACE—One of twitters first ever adult hashtag phenomenons,  #TeamBJ, has burst back into social networking circles this week as #TeamBJNBA creates buzz about the NBA Finals on Twitter. 

#TeamBJ was made famous when pornstars Bobbi Eden, Vicky Vette, Gabby Quinteros and Miss Hybrid, aka #TeamBJ, promised blowjobs to all of their Twitter followers if Holland won the World Cup. Overnight, #TeamBJ became the talk of the Huffington Post, Yahoo Sports, ESPN and just about every sports station in theUSAand around the world. 

Holland ultimately lost in the finals, but Miami-based pornstars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay have brought back #TeamBJ in support of the most hated team in America, the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. 

Castro and Jay are promising to give all of their followers a blowjob if the Heat win the NBA Championship. Yes, if the Heat's Big Three of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh can defeat Kevin Durrant's Oklahoma Thunder, over 310,000 followers will get have an opportunity to claim the ultimate prize. 

For those counting, Sara Jay has 218,000 followers and Angelina Castro has 92,000 followers. At the moment, anyone. Those numbers just keep climbing and with a give-away like this, there’s no knowing how much bigger they will be by game time. 

Jay says, "Angelina and I really do support the Heat and thought it would be a 'blast' to really get behind them this year. The girls who started original #TeamBJ urged us to continue the tradition with #TeamBJNBA. How could we say no? Are we actually gonna give over 310,000 BJ's if the Heat win the Finals? You're gonna have to follow us to find out! The chatter on Twitter has been amazing and the Finals haven't even started yet!" 

Angelina Castro says: "The Heat are the most hated team inAmerica, but they are also the favorites to win. We might need to rent a stadium inMiamito give out that many BJ's. If the Heat win, Lebron and DeWayne can be first in line if they want. Go #TeamHeat & 'pull' for #TeamBJNBA!" 

#TeamBJNBA and #TeamHeat had a rough start on Tuesday night whenMiamilost to the Thunder in Game 1, but Sara Jay remains confident, "I fully expect our team to grab all the loose balls and go hard to the hole." 

To qualify for a BJ if the Heat wins the Championship, you must be a follower of both Angelina Castro and Sara Jay on Twitter no later than game-time Game 4. Details on how to collect the blowjobs if the Miami Heat win the NBA will be posted on Twitter and on the internet two days after the final game.  

Watch a YouTube video of the promise. 

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