When doors open at this year's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock & Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, it will have more than booths where fans can meet porn stars and adult entertainers. This year marks the first time the Expo will feature a working dungeon—and one of the ladies working the event will be TS performer Victoria Veil.

Veil will be working at The LAIR, as the Expo's inaugural dungeon has been named. The curious and the thrill-seeking can explore the BDSM world in a safe environment staffed by world class professionals, from January 16 through 19, 2013.

"It's really exciting opening doors for other TS performers to show we can do what everyone else can," Veil said. "As well as excel!"

Veil was asked to take part in the Expo by Mistress C, based not on historical significance but on Veil's skill set as a 'Domina,' an interrogation specialist, and as a award-winning kinkster. Bringing Veil to The LAIR also shows the Expo's willingness to foster diversity in sexual expression.

"I am so pleased to welcome Goddess Victoria to AVN's LAIR. The interactive kinky play-space is now complete!" said Mistress C, event organizer and headmistress of the Dungeon Experience at both eXXXotica and AEE's The LAIR.

However, Veil's skills were why she was asked to come on board for The LAIR—particularly after it became clear how fast she could get inside a submissive's head, bring exquisite torture, and even expressively share secrets of the fetish world during seminars.

"Goddess Victoria embraces star quality talent," opined Mistress C. "I noticed these traits when Goddess Victoria joined the team as a Dominatrix [at eXXXotica in New Jersey]. She showed great personality, skill, talent, and her disposition is the epitome of 'star quality.'"

In addition to working at The LAIR, Victoria Veil can be found on Ifriends.net as VICKIEVEIL. She is finishing production for her member site as part of the UP-Network. She can also be followed on Facebook and as "00VictoriaV00" on Twitter.

Pictured: Two views of Victoria Veil