LAS VEGAS, NV—Just in time for Comic-Con San Diego, Leia Down has launched her comic book site,, where fans can pre-order her new 18+ publisher-rated comic book, The Chronicles of Leia Down.

The storyline of the first issue involves Leia's dark arrival she goes from ordinary girl to a powerful super villain. The first adventure in the series kicks off with Leia taking on a rich and powerful, yet dirty, mogul which is the catalyst for her bigger plot. She uses her powers to take him down and is introduced to her future arch nemesis.

Digital copies will be available October 31. To promote the comic book, two special edition posters, "Leia in Action" and "Against Leia", are now available on her site.

"I'm super excited about my new comic books and posters," said Leia. "Super villains need their stories told as well. Make sure you support my new site and preorder your digital copy of the comic book and a special edition poster."

To bring the comic book to life, xxx scenes will be filmed and then released one to two weeks before the comic book hits the streets. They will be available exclusively on

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