LOS ANGELES—Stunner PR has added Wikipedia page creation and editing services to its variety of services.

The service is a full package that includes all copyrighting, sourcing and submissions. In addition, Stunner is also offering editing services and content management for companies and individuals who already have a live Wikipedia page.

"A lot of companies overlook just how important having a Wikipedia page is for branding and SEO purposes," said Mike Kulich, owner of Stunner PR. "The companies that we have created pages for claimed to have instantly seen traffic spikes through their analytics when their Wikipedia articles went up and we are excited to make this service available at an affordable rate to the rest of the industry."

Kulich listed a number of benefits that come with a Wikipedia package, including great exposure, reputation management, credibility, fact-based coverage, as well as the opportunity for the individual or company to control their own image.

"Our in-house staff is highly experienced in creating fact-based informative pieces about companies or individuals and are able to do it with the right focus and tone to make sure everything meets Wikipedia's guidelines and notability requirements," he added.

For more information, visit Stunner-Pr.com or email info@stunner-pr.com.