CYBERSPACE — Immoral Productions brings its Fuck a Fan series to the second match ups of the Streamate March Mayhem Cock Sucking Challenge Tournament.  

Immoral Productions has produced well over 200 Fuck a Fan shows where fans are invited to have sex with the top stars in the adult industry. These shows which are streamed monthly on Streamate have the highest viewership of any in their network and are eagerly anticipated by participants and viewers alike. 

Now they will invite fans to be part of the Streamate Match Mayhem tournament. The tournament started with 16 models in head- to-head battles where they blow a group of guys and the online audience pick who advances to the next round. These shows have been so well received that Immoral Productions has decided to let the viewers be part of the fun. 

Immoral Productions CEO Porno Dan Leal said, “I was chatting the fans watching the March Mayhem tournament and some of them said they wished they could come get blown by the girls in this competition. I got the idea why not combine the elements of our top two shows and let fans come here and get a blow job live, and so I am opening up the rest of these shows to fans and let them join us.” 

Liz at Streamate added, “I think fans will enjoy being a part of our March Mayhem tournament. Dan's shows are all fan favorites so what better way to make these contests every more exciting?” 

Interested fans must be in Los Angeles and should contact Dan Leal by email at