PORTLAND, OR — Sophia St. James has launch her own education website, ProfessorSophia.com. St. James has been an educator and sex toy reviewer/blogger since 2010.

"I have always been fascinated by the human body and sexuality. The more I learn, the more intrigued I become," says the 15 year nursing veteran.

Since entering the nursing field she has worked in queer, trans, and women's (traditional cis gendered), and community health, as well as wound care. St. James is also an independent queer adult film star, adult film producer/director, erotic performer, event producer / promoter, and both lifestyle and professional Fem-dom.

"I created this website to centralize all my education information in one easy to find location. I have witnessed my share of inaccurate information being given regarding sexual health. My interest in sexual health and BDSM / kink education has been growing over the past few years, which led me to start teaching in the first place," explains St. James.

In addition to workshops and events for sex positive shops and universities, St. James has also created home education parties called Sinful Soiree parties. Quaint, intimate education workshops in the privacy of one’s own home; they are informative, fun, and relaxed.  

"Sinful Soirees are great for birthday, holiday, and special event gatherings,” says St James. “I know it can be a little intimidating to ask specific questions in front of strangers. Sinful Soiree parties are a great way to get complete and accurate information while being comfortable with close friends and loved ones."