Fighting Heroines in Porn Peril presents the superheroine parody Wonder Girl Ensnared By Her Own Lasso, starring AVN award winner Sinn Sage as Wonder Girl and Addie Juniper as Formicida.

As the story begins, Drusilla Prince aka Wonder Girl learns that Formicida has evil plans. Formicida beats up, captures, binds and torments Drusilla Prince to draw out Wonder Girl. When Formicida leaves, Drusilla Prince transforms into Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl fights, defeats and binds Formicida with the magic lasso. Formicida tricks, captures and binds Wonder Girl with her own lasso. Formicida uses the lasso to make Wonder Girl helpless, put the heroine in peril and engage in sexual desires.

Among the action scenes in this video are:

• Secret identity peril, fight, Wonder Girl in peril, girl-on-girl sex and bath tub scenes.

• Spin transformation, bracelet deflections, a tiara toss, magic lasso toss and pull in, binding, magic lasso interrogations of both Formicida and Wonder Girl, fan favorite captures, helplessness by magic belt and feminum bracelet removal, accurate costumes and special effects.

• Two iconic peril scenes, one based on the Lynda Carter TV series episode “The Man Who Could Move the World” based on Wonder Woman’s walk through the mine field. The second is based on the comic book episode “Inversion the Inside Out Man” with a villain’s sneaky capture of Wonder Woman.

• Beat downs, spankings, bondage by handcuff, magic lasso bondage across chest and on wrists, slapping, kicks to head and body, tests of strength, bear hugs, 4 other wrestling positions, stomach punches, head punches, lasso dominance and struggling in a bath tub.

• Girl on girl kissing, fondling, caressing, finger fucking, finger sucking, oral sex, and pussy on pussy rubbing.

Filmed on location at FETCON 2013, this video can be purchased here as one complete video or by scene so you buy only what you want. (Prices are lower if just individual scenes are purchased.)

Images are available here.

Watch the trailer here.