SAN DIEGO, CA — Red Apple Media has completed a comprehensive server upgrade with 10Gbps switches for optimal speed and load balancing to assure clients’ websites run fast 24/7 with no network slowdowns. Complementing its existing optical and dark fiber connections, these new leading-edge switches allow each server to push out an rich media while maintaining superior site performance both behind the scenes and for the end consumer. 

Site speed is critical today, with users wanting instant access, super-fast video and audio streaming, and large file downloads in seconds — not minutes or hours — and a 10Gbps network is at the core of optimal performance. 

“This level of performance requires a well-designed system, high end servers (or a private cloud), top bandwidth providers, fast routers and switches, and a team that knows how to make your site fast while keeping it up and running without fail,” Red Apple Media CEO and co-founder Steven Daris said. “Our team has more than 16 years of experience in the field and knows when it’s time to reconfigure clients’ systems according to their unique needs. This most recent upgrade is highly beneficial for internal network traffic maintenance and even better for the end consumer — which leads to greater customer satisfaction, greater conversion rates and signups, and effectively higher profits for our customers.” 

This 10Gbps upgrade allows for even better streaming media performance, equipping Red Apple Media’s servers with greater load capacity and giving its IT team the capability to maintain balance during even the most extreme traffic spikes. 

“Once a server starts to push one or two gigs, it’s time to talk about load balancing or perhaps breaking up their server configuration to keep things running smoothly,” Daris said. “We can dedicate specific servers to handle particulars — one for web traffic, one for video files, and one solely for mySQL, for instance — and handle it all in real-time. No downtime, no delays. Just superior service.” 

Red Apple Media’s server network now provides more than 40Gbps of high-performance connectivity with 70+ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering and backbone connections spread throughout five premium data center locations.