LAS VEGAS—Raven Alexis Productions, a Las Vegas based reality/gonzo production group, added a new member to its executive team over the weekend in hiring John Mosko to serve as director of marketing and promotions.

Mosko comes to the position with a diverse skill set stemming from his work in a variety of fields within adult including internet marketing, merchandising, web development and most notably as director of sales and licensing at VCX.

"I am incredibly happy John has agreed to join the RA team for a number of reasons,” Digital Playground star and company namesake Raven Alexis said. “His ability to view an issue from a multitude of angles and to find creative solutions to common problems has brought a new intensity to the whole of the team as we finalize the redesign and relaunch of our flagship web property, Thereafter, John will work with all members of our executive staff to begin the incredible task of reconceptualizing and redefining the real, which is the hallmark of reality porn.”

Co-owner and digital media editor, Allen Wright, also of the band Hard Dryve, added that “RAP has always pushed the envelope, and as Raven makes a name for herself in the feature films of Digital Playground, we have the rare opportunity to provide her fans and those who have only seen a fraction of her personality as a contract star, to see the diverse interests and the depth of character most don't expect from a porn star.”

Given Mosko's background in marketing, development, B2B licensing and sales, the RAP brand is looking to expand.

“Raven and RAP have unlimited potential and I'm elated to find myself with the opportunity to create something wholly unique, and to be surrounded by professionals of like mind,” Mosko said.

For information on Raven Alexis Productions,, or any other RAP Property contact Mosko via email at