LOS ANGELESPwnedByGirls.com, the video gaming website launched last month by adult performer Alana Evans, has received a ‘design makeover’ courtesy of the designers and coders at Pink Visual.

“We are so happy with the new design and structure for PwnedByGirls that Pink Visual helped us come up with,” Evans said of the site’s new look. “They were so helpful and so enthusiastic, it was really clear that they love the PwnedByGirls concept as much as we do.”

Pink Visual President Allison Vivas said her company jumped at the chance to work with Evans on the site “because the site concept fits our company’s culture so perfectly.”

“We have a lot committed gamers on staff here, so PwnedByGirls.com is an idea with an instant and obvious appeal for us,” Vivas said. “Plus, Alana has been featured in a number of our movies over the years, and she has always been a joy to work with, so we were more than happy to offer help with graphics and coding for the site.”

PwnedByGirls.com was launched in September to great fanfare from gaming and tech sites, generating almost 1.5 million unique visits in the first 24 hours after MSNBC.com profiled the site.

“The response to the site has been truly amazing,” Evans said. “We’re just so honored and pleased to be accepted into the gaming community in the way that we have. The whole experience has been really rewarding and really fun for everybody who has taken part in the gaming sessions.”

PwnedByGirls.com has conducted two gaming sessions thus far, the most recent being October 5, when Evans was joined by Joslyn James for a spirited session of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters followed by Gears of Wars 3 (Alana’s current favorite), and closed the evening with a workout of sorts: several rounds of Dance Central.

Vivas said that Pink Visual will continue to work with Evans and PwnedByGirls.com by promoting the site and its scheduled gaming sessions to Pink Visual site members.

“We know from engaging and surveying our members that video gaming is a major crossover interest for them,” Vivas said. “Now we can direct them to a legitimate, confirmed opportunity to game with adult performers who are just as passionate about gaming as our members are.”

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