LOS ANGELES—Another day, another porno birthday party. But this isn't your average birthday party of porn chicks dressing up for an occasion to schmooze and wear semi-expensive outfits. This annual event is the usual “Puba and friends” good time, where you join the Puba girls and an extended family of porno friends to celebrate Ivan's and Ben's birthdays.

Not much else needed to be said except how Ivan put it: "I shoot, I edit, I Photoshop, and dedicate my life for our Puba family; plus I wear interesting outfits … AND I drink once a year. So who wouldn't want to come out and see me or record me release some stress over a ton of drinks?"

Besides Ivan's interesting way of looking at things, we celebrate Ben H's—aka Lil Beezy— birthday as well. Ben is another co-owner of Puba who helped create and grow the web network powerhouse.

Ben explained: "Ivan is the color and glam of the company and I'm the silent but deadly business side of things. We make a good team, we make good drinking buddies. Well at least this one time a year."

Come join and celebrate a pair of birthdays on Wednesday night with a slew of porn stars and fans alike. No Admission fee, but you must be 21 or over.

The festivities start around 10pm and will shut down at 2am. Wednesday March 27, 2013 at Page 71 Lounge … 11916 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604

RSVP Ivan at ivan@puba.com or 323.397.5856.