CYBERSPACE—FreeOnes has announced that Pornstar Platinum and OC Modeling have taken the exclusive Platinum Sponsorship of the Most Underrated category. In addition to their sponsorship, Pornstar Platinum will be offering the winner of the category their own solo site and OC Modeling will give them a modeling contract.

The Most Underrated category is for Miss FreeOnes contestants that rank 2500 or more on FreeOnes at the start of the contest.

“The idea for the Most Underrated category was put into the 2014 contest after a community vote to try to freshen up the contest a bit,” said content organizer Petra.  “I loved this idea because I believe that Miss FreeOnes is a great way for models to gain notice in the industry because so many people see their picture and thumbnail.  So why not give our lower ranking models the chance to gain some notoriety?

“When I talked to Pornstar Platinum about this, they loved the idea so much that not only did they snatch up the sponsorship for this category, but they offered to include some outstanding prizes of their own," she added. "The winner of the third round will not only receive $2,000 for winning the category, but they will have the opportunity to have their own solo site and a contract from OC Modeling!”

Miss FreeOnes kicks off on September 1 and runs through three elimination rounds over the course of 30 days. The first round starts off with all active erotic models, porn stars and cam girls. FreeOnes visitors will be able to vote on the model’s section on FreeOnes to try to get their favorite models into round two as one of the 50 babes that get to move on. Finally, the 15 girls with the most votes by the end of round two will move into the last and final round to try to secure the #1 spot, prize money and any additional prizes being offered.

To see who is currently entered in the 2014 Miss FreeOnes contest, visit here. To enquire about sponsorships (closing August 20), send an mail to for package information.