PHILADELPHIA—Adult blog has announced the launch of a promotional commercial for a forthcoming “how-to guide” for picking up women, dubbed How to Be a Ladies Man and conceived by Popporn host Spock Buckton.

How to Be a Ladies Man is a self-help program from the now infamous adult humor blog targeted toward individuals who may have a difficult time successfully meeting and ultimately sleeping with women. While the program has not officially hit the market, this promotional teaser is meant to stir interest in the scheme and possible funding.

The promotional teaser can be seen here:

Program inventor and now self-made guru Spock Buckton said, “All dudes deserve to be fuckin’ the good puss on the reg and all ladies deserve to be getting dicked the hell up as much as their baginas can handle. I’ve gone through dry spells in my life … shit, there was this time in ’02 when I didn’t get laid for a whole damned weekend. What I’m trying to say is, I feel the pain of the pussyless loser, and that’s a pain no dude should feel. That’s why I’m bringing my pussy gettin’ program to the masses. Well, that, and I need some serious casheesh to put some rad-ass mag wheels on my Mustang. Them shits is hot!”’s editor-in-chief Brian Bangs said, “We’re always looking for new ways to not only grow our market share as an entertainment hub for those individuals interested in porn and news, but also in ways to generate cash. Spock does have some interesting procedures for meeting women, and with the glut of infomercials selling shitty products, why shouldn’t we offer something that might actually work? Plus, the world needs a new Billy Mays and Buckton, at the very least, has a beard.”, updated every weekday, features interviews and articles about adult performers, product reviews written by wildly sexual young women with no sense of shame, webisodes and news articles about the adult industry and porn in general. With numerous writers on the roster, including Digital Playground contract missing in action starlet Stoya, AVN Hall of Fame member Tom Byron, Bobbi Starr, Faye Reagan and more, offers something completely different to the adult industry.

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