PHILADELPHIA – Adult blog has added its two cents to Steven Soderbergh’s recent film release, The Girlfriend Experience starring adult megastar Sasha Grey

The movie has earned stellar reviews in the mainstream media, including a rave from Entertainment Weekly, and now, PopPorn has weighed in on the film.

For its review, approached the film unlike any other media outlet. While other reviews have targeted the thematic references of isolation, the collapse of romance and a sense of social dread set against the recent global economic collapse, PopPorn provides a counterpoint stretching the perspective to a larger, and in some ways, more significant role, all the while expounding on the talent and perfect casting of Grey as the lead protagonist in this virtual chess game of inter-personal, socio-economic confusion.

“When we paid $9.99 to watch this film on-demand, we thought it would at least be two hours long with six solid scenes. Nope, it’s 77 minutes. That’s not a lot of film per minute," said ever-cheeky PopPorn Editor Brian Bangs. "However, what we realized was that by making a shorter film, Soderbergh spared us all the hardcore sex scenes. We’re sick to death of watching sex all day long.”

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