LAS VEGAS, Nevada—It has been a busy month for Nikki Phoenix. In addition to the release of her EDM single, My Addiction, which was featured at this year's ULTRA Music Festival, she has been busy conducting radio interviews with Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, James Bartholet and, most recently, with the one-stop shop for all things EDM,

The interview, shot by award-winning and Hall of Fame director Miles Long, was filmed in Las Vegas, and conducted by veteran electronic-music journalist Deanna Rilling. It is no wonder that Nikki just received another nomination for her mainstream and adult exploits, garnering a 2014 XRCO nomination for Mainstream Media Darling. 

"We were extremely happy to be able to interview Nikki while she had a free moment here in Las Vegas, as her story is truly inspiring and confidence-building for women and it is great to see someone pursuing their passions in all aspects of their life: adult, mainstream and music," said Rilling, "It was also great to hear that she is already in production on her upcoming album, since her first single has been so well-received by the EDM community. We at DJOYbeat look forward to following her career closely and are already talking about future collaborations with her and her management team."

In addition to her many mainstream and adult accomplishments, Phoenix has been busy working on Aerial Circus performing as she prepares for her feature dancing act later this year. Hard at work at Polecats Aerial Fitness in Las Vegas, Phoenix has taken a particular liking to the Aerial Silks and the Lyra. 

"I've always been fascinated by the aerialists, especially the Lyra, and when I saw Belladonna do her aerial silks at the AVN Awards show, I knew that would not only be a great thing for me to do fitness-wise, but also something that would make my upcoming feature dance act very unique as well," said Phoenix "I've been hard at work since the beginning of this year, and have already bought my own Lyra to practice at home as well."

For more information on Polecat Fitness, please visit here, email or call 702-988-9044.

Additionally, her latest two hour radio interview with James Bartholet and Miles Long on Inside Adult just aired on April 2. Callers got a chance to talk with Phoenix and Long about their latest endeavors and the show also featured a call in from Polecats Fitness owner, Karley Cottrell.

"With Nikki becoming so well known not just within the adult industry, but also in mainstream and with her multiple award nominations this year for her mainstream and adult endeavors, we jumped at the chance to take advantage of her and have her appear on the show,' said Bartholet. "Not only is she friendly and easy to talk to, but she also really cares about her fans. It was great to have her not only talk about her website, her blossoming Music career and other projects, but also to be able have her talk to her fans and the public at large as well." 

Phoenix, whose website launched this year at AVN, has also been gaining popularity because of her numerous mainstream endeavors. In addition to many personal touches, and latest information on her events, schedule and mainstream exploits, the site features solo, GG, and BG shoots that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

"I'm so thankful for my fans, who have been so loyal and supported me in my journey, on both my mainstream and adult paths," added Phoenix. "I really wanted to give them a website that showed them not only the things i'm interested in and the things I'm doing, but also give them content that they couldn't get anywhere else! Not only will you get to see just how much I really love girls, but also awesome Boy/Girl content and more that I reserved just for my site and my site alone. My site will be the only place where you can see this side of me and just now naughty I can be. Because my fans have been so loyal, I wanted to give them a place where they can see me explore my sexuality and do things you won't see anywhere else in the adult market."

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