MONTREAL—Evil Angel and FameDollars have announced that the latest chapter of John Stagliano's XXX-rated "Voracious Season Two" is live on James Deen and Stoya appear in the episode, titled "Are You The Last One?" Starting today, subscribers have exclusive and early access to this new installment. A safe-for-work trailer is available here.

The supernatural erotica of the 13th "Voracious Season Two" webisode centers on a vampire killer (played by Deen) stalking a mysterious, old gypsy (Stoya). Deen can toy with Stoya, bound in silver chains and drugged on human seed. With only his hands and cock, he beats orgasm after orgasm out of his prey, only to have her laugh in his face. But he's not so fast to kill her because he needs to know if any more of "her kind" might be around ... hence the episode title, "Are You The Last One?" 

"It was a great pleasure to be able to work with Stoya and James," said Stagliano. "Their intimacy was a privilege to shoot. James is a very skilled dominant, and an excellent actor and Stoya is fucking interesting to look at, all the time, in every way.

"This scene is probably the best I have ever shot without an actor named Siffredi in it," he added, referring to legendary sex icon who plays head vampire Vlad elsewhere in "Voracious Season Two." 

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, "Voracious Season Two" updates the kinky sex, clever vampire lore and crafty filmmaking established in the popular, award-winning first season. Devotees of Stagliano's fetish-laden, sexually intense cinema can get their next fix right now at 

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