KNOXVILLE, TN — My Phone Site has added more functionality to improve its customers’ experiences. This week cascading billing was added to make sure customer credit cards go through for approval. If a credit card is declined through the primary processor, a secondary processor will step in to reduce the number of declines. My Phone Site is also adding more alternative methods billing, including e-check, Alert Pay, Western Union and Paxum.   

“We want our customers to be able to use the site with ease and not be turned away for no reason,” says owner, Gary Hickman. “Sometimes, a perfectly good credit card is declined through one processor, but approved by another. By adding a second processor, this guarantees less declines and an improvement in overall credit approval.”  

My Phone Site will have a booth at the AEE Fan Appreciation Show next week.  It will have Katie Summers, Dee Siren, Alia Janine, Randi Wright, Lacie James, Nikki Delano, Domino Presley and Desiree Deluca signing on Friday and Saturday in The Joint. 

My Phone Site allows consumers to talk to some of the biggest names in adult, along with up and coming stars and amateurs. New operators are added daily and affiliates can sign up anytime.