MIAMI—Mariah Milano has debuted her travel and cooking site The site chronicles Milano's culinary adventures in addition to her travels to Europe, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Milano's cooking segments include unique Italian foods like pizza fritta and drunken pasta, as well as traditional fare like prime rib and unique dishes like her own twist on wontons and almond croccante.

"I have eaten in some of the greatest places in the world," Milano said. "The simplicity is so amazing in things like a piece of fresh bread with goat cheese and honey for breakfast in Provence, France overlooking a vineyard with a cup of cafe la creme. Or a simple bowl of pasta in Verona, Italy."

The new site also has a section devoted to reviews of the hotels and restaurants Milano has visited in her travels. She also has an entire section of video blogs from around the world and photos of her travels.

One of the more interesting sections of the site is the Food Porn photos that Milano's taken of the better meals she has had in restaurants as well as made herself.

"The traffic to the site has been incredible," Milano said. "The Alexa ranking in the U.S. is already below 90,000 and there was a mention of it on The Huffington Post which was really cool."

Milano has been an adult film star since nine days after her 18th birthday in 1998 and says that she has chosen to move on from filming hardcore scenes and direct her focus on her new travel and cooking endeavor. Her goal is to get a show on the Travel Channel.

"Anthony Bourdain is someone I really admire ever since I read his book Kitchen Confidential in one sitting on a flight from L.A. to  Barcelona," she said. "His shows are awesome and his narration is so on the money and witty and honest. I really feel I could have a hit show. I'm crazy and wild and love to have fun. I don't take shit from anyone and have never had a problem speaking my mind! I am Sicilian!" doesn't contain any porn and is SFW.